CV. Aceh Dragon Blood

It is a business entity that sells a variety of processed Jernang fruit, ranging from Jernang seeds, Jernang fruit, to processed Jernang powder(Dragon Blood).

Our business has been established since 2010 and until now has 10 reliable workers and has a land area of more than 500m2 so that every day we are able to produce more than 100 Kg of Jernang fruit.

We also take care of our Jernang plants by fertilizing every 1 month so that the Jernang plants we produce are the best quality Jernang of the best.

Why choose us?

1. The price we offer is relatively affordable.

We sell Jernang at a competitive price with those on the market. We can reduce the price to be cheap because all the processes from planting seedlings, jernang fruit care, to processing Jernang fruit we do with our own professional team so that production costs become cheaper.

2. The products we send are the best.

With reliable equipment, a professional team and more than 5 years of experience managing Jernang fruit makes us able to produce jernang with the best quality for you.

3. Can send to all Indonesia and abroad.

Products from CV. Aceh Dragon Blood can be sent to all cities in Indonesia as well as shipping abroad. All products that will be shipped will be packed properly and have passed the inspection stage by our team so that the products delivered are the best products.

What's waiting for?

Contact us immediately to make an order. Our team will be happy to accept your order.